A Message from Our President

Dear Members and Friends of the Society,

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2017 is my second year as president of the New Brighton Area Historical Society, and the rewards of being involved continue to grow. I’d like to share a little of my experience and let you know how you can get involved.

Since joining the New Brighton Area Historical Society, I’ve worked with our Board members to find support and to develop new initiatives to preserve and promote the history and archaeology of the area for our community. This has been a great adventure, from planning and helping with Rhubarb Fest and our presence at Stockyard Days, to restoring our 1950 Great Northern Caboose exhibit. I’ve learned about the numerous remains of the stockyards and ice houses in and around Long Lake Regional Park where the New Brighton History Center—our headquarters—is situated. As an archaeologist and anthropologist, I’m thrilled by the evidence for the Mdewakanton Dakota community that lived where Rice Creek meets Long Lake. In my career, I’ve conducted research in Europe and Asia, including Russia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. If I’d known more about New Brighton history sooner, I may have never gone so far away to do research! 

The New Brighton Area Historical Society’s greatest resource is our people. Recently you may have seen our Board members at Stockyard Days or Rhubarb Fest, or chatted with Board member Peg Joyce at the New Brighton Farmer’s Market. The newest member of our Board, Mark Haidet, has been involved in history for many years and gave an exciting presentation at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul on August 19, on the World War I period at the Minnesota State Fair.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated Board and they are ready to share their love of New Brighton area history with you on weekends at the depot museum in Long Lake Regional Park, at our events, or when you see us out and about town. (Our newsletter itself is the product of the diligent effort of our Secretary Joyce Kloncz.)

Our people not only include Board members, but all the members of the society including you. Learn how you can get involved below!

All the best,

Dave Peterson 

Are You a History Lover? Get Involved!

How can you get involved with area history and share in the fun? The first way is to join the New Brighton Area Historical Society or renew your membership, if you haven’t done so already. Information on membership is in this newsletter. The second is to visit the depot museum and see what we have, both inside and outside of the museum. We are one of many stops on a walking tour of New Brighton history in Long Lake Regional Park. When you visit the museum you can get a free guide to take with you on the walking tour.

We also need Board new members. Do you have a passion for history and want to attend our Board meetings once a month to help guide the direction of the society? Board meetings are held at 6 to 7:30 PM the first Thursday each month. Do you want to be involved in special projects and host the depot museum for a few weekends in late spring, summer, and early fall? Visit the museum and learn about how you can attend a Board meeting to learn if this is something you’d like to do. We vote on our roster of Board members at our annual meeting each April.

New Brighton Area Historical Society : http://newbrightonhistory.com