Fundraising Campaigns

Crowd funding to Save the Caboose

Last October we began GiveMN and gofundme crowd funding campaigns to help pay for the restoration of New Brighton’s historic 1950 Great Northern caboose. So far we have raised $455 with gofundme & GiveMN, most recently with a generous donation from Scott Reed. Other donors include Janet Peterson, Dale Wyttenbach, Linda Rostand, and, all the way from Forestiville, CA, Catherine Yronwode. We’ve also raised $321 through our membership appeal.

As most or all of you know, the caboose is one of our most popular exhibits, but it’s suffered from a leaky roof and related problems. Repairs and upgrades are needed before we can safely reopen it to the public. The costs are estimated at $8000. So far we have been able to raise only 5% of our goal. We hoped to reopen the caboose in 2015, but unless we reach our goal we will have to continue to work on it slowly as volunteer time and funds permit. 

This is expensive. So far progress with the restoration has been through the generous donation of labor and knowhow from members of our Board of Directors and their friends. Not everyone can give $200, but in the end even small donations of a few dollars or more will make the difference. 

Please give what you can, and let your friends and family know about this important opportunity. It’s easy to share the campaign if you go to the New Brighton Area Historical Society page on Facebook, and share the postings you’ll find there about our GiveMN and gofundme efforts. We are giving away incentives for donations while supplies last, including coffee mugs, shirts, and hardcover copies of the history of New Brighton. Go to the New Brighton Area Historical Society’s Facebook page for more information

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The New Brighton Area Historical Society has joined gofundme, a online donation website. To help us out, go to

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Another  online donation website that the Society has joined to raise funds to renovate the interior of the depot is givemn.  Go to this website for more information:

New Brighton Area Historical Society :