Great Northern Caboose 

Pictured above is the Great Northern caboose, which sits on the siding in front of the New Brighton History Center. In 1992, Valspar Corporation awarded the Society its caboose, which had been used as a break room for Valspar employees. The caboose could be viewed from the Metrodome in Minneapolis. In 1994, the caboose was moved from a site in the arsenal, where it had been stored for two years, to the History Center.

Jerry and Dan Laumeyer painted the caboose in 2005.  Historically accurate decals were affixed in the summer of 2006 through the help of Eric Hargrove of CLP Graphics in Blaine.

Explanation of Great Northern Symbols

The large herald (white “Great Northern Railway”) within the white outer circle and white side-silhouetted goat on black center disc, is found centered on the body side panel below the cupola. The words “radio equipped” and the lightning bolt appear once on each side of the lower body portion, centered just below the two body center side windows of the long end. X265 refers to the car number. The caboose was built in St. Cloud  in 1951. Most cars sported  4”x6” square white reflective “Scotchlite” delineators on the frame side rails. The appropriate safety slogan appears centered, once on each side above the lower leading edge of the body side panel.

caboose, Dan &Jerry

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