Rhubarb Pull 2013

The 16th Annual Rhubarb Fest, sponsored by the New Brighton Area Historical Society, continues to honor the Hipp Family and those who worked 40 acres of rhubarb on Joe Hipp’s Lakeside Berry Farm. As the farm became Long Lake Park in the 1980s, Dave Nathe, a former worker, moved the Hipp farm rhubarb roots to his farm in Elk River. To retain and promote farm-like activity in the park in 1985, NBAHS began an “Exchange” with Jeanne Hunn at Keys 5th Avenue. We would give her rhubarb stalks; she would give us a donation.

    Once each year, Nathe permits us to pull 150 pounds of his strawberry-red rhubarb stalks for Jeanne to make rhubarb jam at Keys Lexington. Her donation now: 4 trays of rhubarb desserts to be topped with rhubarb sauce and ice cream. An additional 250 pounds of the stalks was pulled for stalk sales at the Rhubarb Fest.

    The Rhubarb Pull was at Nathe’s farm on Saturday, June 1, from 9:00 AM to noon. Originally started to honor the Lakeside Berry Farm owners and workers, we now welcome guests from throughout the metro area to enjoy homemade rhubarb desserts or purchase homemade rhubarb jam, rhubarb stalks, plants, and cookbooks.

New Brighton Area Historical Society : http://newbrightonhistory.com