Class List of Grades 1, 2 and 3 

The time capsule contained class lists of grades 1-8, some in the students own handwriting, a newspaper, the Ramsey County News, from April 20, 1939, and a photo of the first New Brighton School, 1916, very faded and unusable (fortunately we have that same photo in our photo archives). See next pages for more class lists.  Note: Dark lines through the middle of the pages are due to the sheets being folded in an envelope for 71years. 

Primary Room, First Grade names included Laurence, Zeta May Zamor, Dicky, Donald Bona, Donald Speiser, Kathryn Van Wagner, Jerry Fisher, Melvin, Dorothy, Betty, Phyllis, Shirley, James, Richard, Shirley Ann Schutta, Elsie, Edward, Kenneth, Betty Brandon, Mary Toregson, Joyce Menne, Charles Olin, Catherine Schutta, Geraldine, Rosemary, Charles Olin, and Florence Nash, Teacher. Some students wrote out their first and last names, others only their first name. Additional names on the Primary Room sheet, Second Grade, included: David, Virginia, Henry, Harold, Wayne, Alice, Dolores, Audrey, John, Elaine, James Bona, Lillian White.

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